Sourdough bread better than at home

Delicious, with plenty of varieties and made with our hands and hearts.

Santagloria Baguette

Santagloria Baguette Santagloria

A traditional bread stick, with a slightly sour taste reminiscent of artisan village bread. With a crispy crust and spongy crumb, it is ideal to accompany any meal.

Spelt Baguette

Spelt Baguette Santagloria

Spelt flour is much more digestible than wheat flour, and is a great source of protein and mineral salts. Stick with a hard crust and dense crumb, it is ideal for meals with sauces.

Buckwheat Loaf

Buckwheat Loaf Santagloria

Bread made entirely with organic ingredients. The buckwheat adds acidity to the sourdough and enriches its aroma. Crunchy crust and a lot of crumb, which contributes to its great durability. It is ideal to accompany meat."

Crystal Bread

Crystal Bread Santagloria

A bread with a thin crust and a very honeycombed crumb. Very soft looking, it should be finished at home by splitting it in half and giving it a touch of the oven or toaster to crystallize it. It is an ideal accompaniment to a platter of Iberian cured meats, cheeses or pâtés.

Oat and Seed Loaf

Oat and Seed Loaf Santagloria

100% vegan bread. Oats, a natural source of carbohydrates and water-soluble fiber, give it a characteristic creaminess in the crumb and a unique taste. It is perfect for toast with pâté, or to accompany stews and red meats.

Beer Loaf

Beer Loaf Santagloria

A bread made with beer, added during the fermentation process to make the crumb spongy. It is ideal for meals with sauces.

Corn Loaf

Corn Loaf Santagloria

Vegan bread, lactose-free, low in saturated fat and a source of protein and fiber. With a crunchy crust and a spongy crumb, the corn gives it a sweetness. It is ideal to accompany salads, or toasted with avocado and tomato.

Walnut Raisin Loaf

Walnut Raisin Loaf Santagloria

The raisins and walnuts give it an unmistakable flavor, and provide high energy value and high fiber content. It is ideal to accompany a board of strong and cured cheeses. We suggest... Blue cheese, pear and walnut toast.

Spelt and Sesame Loaf

Spelt and Sesame Loaf Santagloria

Spelt flour is much more digestible than wheat flour, and is a great source of protein and mineral salts. Sesame seeds provide calcium and a crunchy texture to the crust, enhancing its aroma. It is ideal to make toast with arugula and salmon, or to be served with hummus.

Whole Grain Loaf

Whole Grain Loaf Santagloria

Loaf with a thick and dark crumb, obtained by grinding the wheat grain between two stones. It provides a lot of fiber and a large amount of nutrients, minerals and extra energy. It is ideal for light sandwiches, lettuce, tomato and turkey or lettuce, avocado and salmon.

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